The Glencorse Golf Club Championship

Final – Sunday 17th June

What an amazing day the Final turned out to be.

Thanks to every one who came along and supported all the matches.

All Competitors, Winners and Runners-up from this Year’s Competition are featured below;

Section A

1 – Stephen Lamb v Justin Lamb

2 – Colin Paul v Derek Thomson

3 – Chris King v Ryan Sloan

4 – Jamie Morris v Ian Shanks

5 – Scott Edwards v Jim Laing

6 – Alastair Shanks v Peter Lamb

7 – Joshua Lamb v Michael Louden

8 – Keith Young v Fraser Russell

Section B

1 – Scott Wilson v Alan Robertson

2 – Andy Greig v Blair Anderson

3 – Simon Freedman v Chris Murray

4 – Bryan Adams v Jim Inglis

5 – Clinton Prime v Steven Morton

6 – Stuart Gordon v Douglas Dyce

7 – Mike Devlin v Jim McGinn

8 – David Halliday v Jim Hannah

Section C

1 – Eliot Gray v Ben Cartwright

2 – Blair Melles v Jamie McInroy

3 – Iain Halliday v Colin Webster

4 – Lester Graham v Mostyn Tuckwell

5 – Darren Connell v Stuart McIntosh

6 – Robert Steele v Peter A Smith

7 – Sean Loughlin v Billy Mcmillan

8 – Ross Turpin v Ryan Carnie

Ladies Section

Silver Section

1 – Val Hallam v Caroline Kinnaird

2 – Lesley Campbell v Katy Gillies

Bronze Section

1 – Anne Bell v Maureen Stewart

2 – Helen Taylor v Maureen Hynes


Prize Giving

Keith Young won the men’s A Section 5/4

David Halliday won the men’s B Section 6/5

Ryan Carnie won the men’s C Section 2/1

Lochlan Currie won the junior section 3/2

Caroline Kinnaird won the Ladies Silver Section

Maureen Stewart won the Ladies Bronze Section


We are taking an opportunity to thank everyone at Glencorse who have put so much time in to make sure that the course is looking amazing.

The amount of comments received about the course this year has been unbelievable…and it’s all been down to our amazing green keeping staff

Jamie Bell

Ian Bell

Ivor Ramsay

Ryan Bell

John McCarlie

Brian Hunter

Brian Lewis