Doctors of the Game – Billy Dettlaff

10th October 2017 – Glencorse Clubhouse

Billy treated the Glencorse Members to a fascinating journey from Scotland across the Atlantic to America which highlighted the impact and influence that emigrating Scottish Professionals had on the American game.

A full Clubhouse, with excellent buffet and drinks and a walk through the History of the Game from Billy’s seven year study from a Golf Professional’s perspective – a perfect tonic.

Club Professional Cliffe Jones warmly thanked Billy for his talk and presented him with a club as a memento from Glencorse.

A Talk by

W J Dettlaff

USPGA Master Professional & Retired Manager of TPC Sawgrass

Author of

Doctors of the Game®- A Finalist for the USGA Herbert Warren Wind Award

PGA of America Centennial Book – Celebrating the History of the Golf Professional

A Storytellers Guide – The PLAYERS & TPC Sawgrass

10th October 2017 – 7 pm

at Glencorse Golf Club, Milton Bridge, Penicuik, Midlothian

Join Billy Dettlaff for a talk based on his latest publication ‘Doctors of the Game’, a history in the formation and spread of golf to the world. His book represents a near seven-year study into the game’s history from the unique perspective of the golf profession.

Billy’s talk begins with the game’s early history and formation of a series of supportive trades. These include club and ball making, the caddie position, keeper of the green, and the eventual combination with the premier playing skills of St. Andrews’ Allan Robertson, which led to his recognition as the first golf professional.

He traces the efforts of early professionals from St. Andrews, Musselburgh, North Berwick, Carnoustie, Prestwick and Dornoch, detailing how the game first grew in Scotland, spreading to England, and then to the world with its greatest early influences all from Scotland.

Perhaps for the first time Scotland’s impact on America is told through the stories of emigrant professionals who took the game across the Atlantic setting a firm foundation. Because of these men and women, the game’s growth would continue with these strong Scottish foundations to this day.

Results from his detailed research have uncovered that the first Scottish professionals of the 1840s are directly traced through at least nine generations of influence on the golf profession in the United States.

Those attending our ‘Glencorse’ evening event will find the talk by Billy Dettlaff a treasure in sports history centered on Scotland’s gift to the world.