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Ever thought about getting an Electric Trolley? 

A recent survey at Glencorse (standing at the 1st tee for 30 mins on Sunday before the Open Texas Scramble) estimated that about 50% of Members now use an electric Trolley. There seemed to be no typical user – all ages and all abilities were represented.

Cliffe is a Motocaddy Authorised Dealer and has two Electric trolleys in the shop at the moment – the S1 – and the S5 Connect model. He also carries a full range of Accessories.

Wayne, a Glencorse member, and a current Push Trolley owner, took the S1 for a spin, to see if he could be persuaded…

The Motocaddy S1 is a stylish, easy to set up trolley.

Reading the extensive Motocaddy features from their Website – Nine speed settings, Speed indicator, Battery indicator, Streamlined battery tray, QUIKFOLD mechanism, Soft-touch ergonomic handle, Low-profile wheels, Anti-clog front wheel housing, EASILOCK™ compatible – it’s an impressive trolley.

Wayne’s initial impression? Simplicity – it was so easy to get going – and keep going.

The on-off is a large button – the speed is regulated by twisting the control. Alongside – the power and battery indicator – and that essentially was it.

And the bag was easy to clip on – and once on – it stayed there.

And Wayne’s thoughts?  On the 1st “this is luxury”, the 5th to the top of the 6th – “I’m not out of breath” and here on the 13th – “my back used to be sore by now” and overall “just feel much fresher”.

And can he be persuaded?  You bet he can!

Perhaps chat to Cliffe about the Motocaddy range? He has the S5 connect in the shop too.

And the most important decision – the battery. Lithium Batteries have transformed the power, the weight and the longevity of Electric Carts. These are the only batteries Cliffe recommends – and they carry a 5 year warranty into the bargain.